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While we work hard to produce our concerts as professionally as possible, the truth is we don't make money at it, and we're not rich. We'd love to host more frequent concerts, but we still need to pay the bills. To be very frank, when our business thrives, so will Church House Concerts.

Fortunately, you can easily help keep these events happening - even if you know nothing about producing concerts.

As we have cultivated a community of music and art lovers, we have also earned a reputation in our businesses for outstanding service and integrity. We hope this community will help support us by choosing to do business with us, and by referring us to your family, friends, and co-workers. Don't keep us a secret!

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We help make home happen!

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We strive to make photographic artwork which honors the soul of our subjects.

Whether we are shooting festivals, concerts, performers, portraits, weddings and special events, botanicals, sporting events, homes, or pets, our challenge is to create images which reveal the essence of what we see. We are available for hire.

Is a career in real estate in your future?

We teach the Principles and Practices of Real Estate course required for licensure. But being a REALTOR® can have its ups and downs. We'll be happy to answer your questions before you invest your time and money.

Other ways you can help...

We're building up our "crew!"
We're learning how to divide the work of hosting an event between a team of volunteers. Typical tasks include (at least!) the following:
  • Setting up chairs, sound system, lighting, artwork, etc.
  • Food preparation, serving, cleaning up
  • Helping people park
  • Picking up/dropping off items pre or post-show
  • Cleaning up after events
Please let us know if you would like to help us by contributing a few hours helping with these tasks.

You don't have to be rich to help:
There are lots of ways you can help, without spending a lot of time or money.
  • Help us build the community! If you know other nice folks you think would love Church House events, let them know. We don't advertise to the "general public" because we only want to open our doors to friends and friends of friends who love great music in extraordinary spaces.
  • Bring food or beverages to share during the events. Breaking bread (or brownies!) or enjoying a beverage with a new friend is part of the special "fabric" of a Church House event. We encourage you to bring a quality snack or refreshment to enjoy and share.
  • Clean up afterward... So we don't have to spend the next week cleaning up after an event, please help us by putting any garbage into the cans we provide.

Things we're on the lookout for:
If you have any of these items sitting unused in an attic or a basement, and would like to donate them, we would be forever grateful!
  • Ladder jacks and planks
  • Tall (16-20 ft.) folding stepladder so we can change the living room light bulbs
  • George Weltner pottery
  • Large carpets, or fabric art we can hang on our walls.
  • Small pillows for chair padding

Thank you!

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