Church House Concert Thanks

We understand we've been doing a good enough job some folks think we're making money at this. Actually, we're losing money at this, but that's not why we're doing it anyway. Without the generous support of our volunteers Church House Concerts would not be possible.

Our volunteers:
Chris Bell and family, for being the best parking attendants and volunteers money can't buy
Ann and Allen Smith, world class volunteers
Steve Wytas, sound guru extraordinaire - Audio 911
Jamie Burnett of Luminous Environments for his beautifully tasteful lighting design (and for allowing us to "store" his rugs...)
John and Kate Hull, artistic direction
Susan Forbes Hansen, radio coverage and PR
Dick Nizolek
Bill Revill, for the Bunn Pour-o-matic and generous helpings of support and humor
Melaine Smigel, cheering and patience
Molly Sturges, certified piano technician extraordinaire

For donations:
Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Gourmet Coffee
Midway Marina, for loaning us the sail to create our "angel"
Little Tibet for loaning beautiful hand-made Tibetan carpets

We also thank:
Nancy Thompson, for sharing Church House history with us
Fox Run House Concerts for inspiration
WWUH 91.3 FM
WHUS 91.7 FM
WFCR 88.5 FM
WPKN 89.5 FM
Our neighbors, for being so tolerant of the extra cars and joyful noise
Our warm, enthusiastic audiences
Some of the nicest and most talented musicians on the planet

We are grateful for the volunteers and sponsors who help make Church House Concerts great.

Thank you all!
John and Debi

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