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Please note that we are no longer considering submissions for new shows. The following was our policy before we stopped presenting shows after our Spring, 2009 season.

If you want to play at the Church House, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!

We appreciate your interest in performing on our stage, however, you should know right up front that it probably won't happen. Please read this entire page so you'll understand why the odds are stacked so highly against you, how to improve your chances, and why you might wish to invest your time on another venue. Please take this in the spirit in which it is intended: positive input meant to help you get good gigs at places eager to host you -- which may or may not be the Church House.

How do we choose our performers?

We try to listen to as much live music as possible, within the framework of our very busy lives. We also listen to lots of CDs, and online samples. When something we hear makes us want to hear more, we do our best to get to a live performance to check it out, whether we intend to book that artist or not. (You never know when someone else will ask us who to book for their event...)

Although we don't book devotional music, no one particular style grabs us exclusively. However, most of the music we book is at least distantly related to folk.

We look for a combination of talent, technical skills, excellent material, personality, and heart. We also consider whether we think our audience will appreciate and connect with the performance.

We average 7 concerts each year, during the spring and fall ONLY -- we do not present shows in the heat of the summer nor the chill of the winter. There are literally dozens of artists we already know we want to book, so we are very, very choosy about who we select to work with. A lot of great performers will never play our room. You may be one of them. Please don't take that personally, it's just the nature of the supply of open dates (extremely limited) and the demand for those dates by superb performers (seemingly infinite).

Even our openers - on the few occassions we book openers - are very carefully selected. There are venues that are excellent for new performers to hone their skills and polish rough edges, but honestly, that's just not what we do. (Here's a link to a list of area venues you may wish to contact.)

How do we know we don't want to book you if we've never heard you?

It's really not about not wanting to book *you*. It's more about that we might have two open dates, and a list of twenty people we already know we want to work with. We don't have time to consider every additional option when we have a kitchen to clean up, two jobs to hold down, garbage to take out, a livingroom concert hall to sweep and a granddaughter who needs her diaper changed. Your life probably feels like that sometimes, too, right?

We've both been involved with music long enough to recognize what we think will work in our room. We'll certainly miss some gems, but fortunately, there are a lot of other rooms in the area to take advantage of our loss.

That said, here's how to audition:

First, look through our past concerts and future concerts to get an idea of the musicians who play here. If you think your performance is at a comparable level, send us an email ( describing what you do, with links to a website where we can listen to samples of your music. Yes, we will check online samples. If we like what we hear we may request a press kit with a CD that best represents your live performances, and a list of any tour dates in our area. If asked, please send packages to: John and Debi, Church House Concerts, PO Box 28, Haddam, CT 06438.

Remember, whether you play here or not, we truly wish you the very best in your musical career. If you happen to see us at a concert or a festival, we hope you'll say "hi!"


John and Debi

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